Lensify Eyewear

Money-Back Guarantee 

100-day risk free trial

A very wise person once said, "Only a fool is certain of anything." We were confident that you'd love your glasses. But things happen, and we'll live up to our promise no matter what.


Don't sweat it. We're pretty chill around here.


Email us. 

Send an email to hello@lensifyeyewear.com saying you need a refund, and include your order number -- it'll speed things up.


Ship it back.

We'll reply to your email within 48 hours with a return address. We require you to cover the postage to prevent people from taking advantage of our system. It's a lightweight item, so it'll barely cost you anything.


Receive your refund.

Our promise is a fee-free refund as long as we receive the items intact and within 100 days of you receiving the shipment.

Concerns covered?

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