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eye fatigue and hidden fees

Zero magnification. Zero upcharges.

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Lenses for the digital age.

We craft on-trend glasses that aren't designed to help you see. They're engineered to help you sleep.

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Specialists in blue-light-blocking tech.

Lensify™ glasses don’t have magnification, so they’re for you if you're near-sighted, wear contacts, or have perfect vision! Lensify™ glasses just filter out blue light, which helps you sleep better and reduce headaches.

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We're not just tooting our own horn.

"I am in LOVE with my Lensify glasses. They help at work, at home, and even just being on my phone! Highly recommend!"

– Amy R, Wisconsin

"The glasses are truly amazing. As a lawyer, I'm always on the screen, it keeps my eyes strain-free and helps me sleep better!"

– Muhammad U, Florida

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We know you'll love our glasses. But in the super-duper, itsy-bitsy, tiny, miniscule chance you don't adore them, we're here to walk you through the simplest refund process in the entire world (even your dog could do it).

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